The Romanian Society of Rheumatology (SRR) announces its stance on the war in Ukraine

          The Romanian Society of Rheumatology (SRR), in consonance with the European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology (EULAR), was outraged by the Russian aggression against Ukraine, an independent neighbouring country. The invasion of a national territory, in utter disregard of its sovereignty and leading to the deep disruption of its citizens’ lives, is inacceptable in Europe at the dawn of the 21st century.

          The lives of our Ukrainian neighbours, as well as their health and welfare, are currently experiencing severe hardship. Medical as well as learning facilities have been attacked, moved or dismantled, while access to medical services and education are severely impacted, if not permanently disrupted.

          Together with EULAR, the SRR intends to respond to this humanitarian crisis and to support both the Ukrainian rheumatologists, and the Ukrainian patients with rheumatic diseases in need of medical care and specific therapy.

          On the one hand, EULAR has developed a support programme for young specialists or rheumatology residents forced to leave their country, by sponsoring their employment in a specialized Romanian institution. The rheumatology wards all over Romania dealing with such requests can apply for this grant, and can find information in Ukrainian, Romanian and English (please see attachment). You can find further details on the programme by visiting the website ( The SRR leadership is committed to liaise with the Romanian Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, as well as with hospitals and Medicine Universities and the Romanian College of Physicians, for this to be legally accomplished.

          On the other hand, the SRR will support the provision of supplies to Ukraine, particularly medical supplies and specific medicinal products for rheumatology wards. Thus, the SRR leadership can be directly contacted at the following e-mail addresses ( or the address of the President of the SRR or of the administrative  office, Dorina Garboan ( We will find solutions to meet specific requests and ensure delivery thereof.

          Also, Ukrainian residents with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases presenting to the rheumatology wards across the country will benefit from medical assessments and medicinal products as per the Ministry of Health recommendations. SRR will provide rheumatologists with logistical support and assistance.

          We hold the firm conviction and hope that this war must stop as early as possible and are committed to participate to the best of our abilities to the reconstruction of the health and education systems in Ukraine,

          On behalf of the entire SRR membership,

President of the SRR                       Elected President                             Past President,

     Simona Rednic                                  Elena Rezus                                        Catalin Codreanu